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A small roleplay community where fun and merriment are to be had in the world of Pokemon.
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The One Hundred Club
The One Hundred Club

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PostSubject: RULES PAGE   RULES PAGE I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2016 9:11 pm

So here's a general thing of some rules

  • Leave the drama in tumblr. Seriously, we don't want any.
    Don't take things so seriously, we're all friends here. Its just roleplay.
    Duplicate characters are allowed. Play whoever you want.
    You are welcome to play the characters, Pokemon, Gijinkas, etc, this is about fun! Roleplay what you desire!
    If you invite someone, let us know cause we'll only approve of people who can be vouched for.
    Make as many threads as you want, but try and keep it organized. If you need a new section, let us know.
    I am the God of this New World.
    You cannot leave the Forum unless you kill another member and get away with it.
    And remember, haaaaaave fun~!
    Additional forum regulations may be added if necessary
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