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 Tian's Characters

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Tian's Characters   Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:14 pm

Characters I play:

Zoe Qin
@beijixiing (archived)
Female, 22, Sinnohese [Chinese]
Coordinator Zoey from the Pokéani

Ursula Derosier
@narcissiisme (archived)
Female, 18, Sinnohese-Kalosian [Chinese/French]
Coordinator Ursula from the Pokéani

Daniél François
Male, 205 but appears 24, White (German-Hungarian)
Herald of Yveltal, is actually Franz Liszt

Sofia Luther
Female, 29, Afro-German (Saxon) + African-Unovese [American]
Subvessel of Arceus, founder of the Arceitic Church of Discourse

Julian Huldrych Wyss
Male, 23, Swiss-Johtoese [Japanese]
Herald of Cobalion, cofounder of the ACD

Jean Sauvage
Male, 26, Kalosian [French]
Subvessel of Arceus, cofounder of the ACD

Wilhelmine Preuss
Female, 24, German (Prussian)
Champion of a fan region I'm developing tbh.

Credit for the Herald Theory goes to Knight (@ofthelightning).
Also, note that @unshadcwed and @preussischen are not officially released.
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Tian's Characters
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