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 University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi

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University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Empty
PostSubject: University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi   University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2016 10:16 pm

Continued from Here

Ignoring Zinnia’s flabbergasted expressions, Evelina giggles.

“Steven, it’s alright. You’re always nice enough to bring messages from your dad to Nonno when they could just have a video conference or something for old time’s sake! Lemme borrow him for a sec~”

Evelina grabbed Steven’s arm and moved him out of earshot, looking at him in the eyes.

University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Tumblr_inline_odmwauegz01ta51ld_540

“I guess you know her past now, huh? I can tell what you two are trying to do, and even though you’re Vito’s friend and like a brother to me, I can’t ignore that she’ll be stuck in the past forever if she doesn’t keep hold of this chance to move forward. I know it’s going to be hard–I know because it’s Zinnia of all people–but you two might find something in common with each other, I’m sure of it. I think this is good for the both of you, more than you realize right now.”

University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Tumblr_inline_odmwaz7aZT1ta51ld_540

“Alright, alright, we cleared it up, no need to be so shocked, padre e madre di Zinnia! Customs are different here than in pampered heir’s household, I explained to him about everything! We can hold a celebratory dinner back at Nonno’s cafe in Verdanturf Town, okay? Arrivederci~”

With that, the peppy girl left, humming on her way out, and now discerning eyes were on both Steven and Zinnia.

Evelina, you sneaky girl.

Flabbergasted, Steven allowed Evalina to drag him to the side. She’s about to backfire the plan, isn’t she? He had hoped she’d play along, but clearly not… There was no other choice than to listen to what his friend had to say. Avoiding a sigh, Steven slides his hands into his pockets. He pressed his lips together as he listened to what she had to say.

Before he could say anything, she had already wrapped things up and left.

University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Tumblr_inline_oe02le23rj1tzhpfk_540

“Evelina, wait-!”

University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Tumblr_inline_oe02mrMNCW1tzhpfk_540

“Dammit!” Steven looked at Zinnia with a ‘now what?’ expression. Their mutual friend just backfired their plan- or did she?


University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Tumblr_inline_oelw12g9fa1tczqqy_540

Zinnia could only look at the ground with a distraught expression. She loved Evelina dearly, but she really wondered what was going through her head. Zinnia was going to have to have a long talk with her later on about what her best friend was scheming.

“…at any rate, we should…gaah,” she sighed in frustration, rubbing the back of her head. “Do you have any ideas?” she asked bitterly, trying her best to ignore the television in the background.

Angry tears were threatening to spill from her eyes the longer the noise went on. Finally, she slammed her hands over her ears, running past her parents and Steven to her room, shutting the door before letting out a muffled scream into a pillow.

Steven raises his hands in defense.

University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Pandor14

"Don't look at me, I've got nothin'! I-I tried!" He nervously runs a hand through his hair. This is bad, this is very bad. Steven had no idea how to react. Zinnia's expression sent Steven into speechless intimidation. "I-I'm sorry-" But before he could say anything else, she ran past him and hid.

Nothing but a painful, deadly silence. Just Steven, and Zinnia's parents. This is very unsettling for him, forcefully being Zinnia's fiance and all...

University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi Pandor15

"I am so sorry..." He clears his throat. "E-Excuse me." Steven shuffles out of the house, he felt that he was only making things worse for their family.

Despite trying to quit, he simply couldn't handle it after what he'd been through. He headed over to the beach with his hands in his pockets. Maybe he should go back and talk to Zinnia, but he should calm down prior. But first, Steven plants a cigarette between his lips and lights it. It'll calm him down soon enough, then he can go back.

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University's Simplicity || College AU with @Ikitsumi
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