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 Wandering boredom.

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Wandering boredom. Empty
PostSubject: Wandering boredom.   Wandering boredom. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 25, 2016 9:52 pm

Akemi had been on this journey for years, so many that she had lost count. At first, she took the task as a Pokemon Trainer as a simple means to escape an abusive household. The promise of adventure, with intelligent and powerful creatures, seemed like something out of a fantasy. Perhaps it was.

Her team would change every once in a while, as did her ultimate goal. But her love for Pokemon never once faltered. While she took battling very seriously, her wild Pokemon encounters, or fights with villains, could be...unique. As in, she would join in, fighting alongside her team.

However, today lacked any chance for enjoyment. There weren't any snobby kids on the path, challenging her because of sexist views, or because they thought that their three Rattatas and a Pidgey would be able to take her on, only to end up failing a minute later and running home to their parents. There weren't powerful Wild Pokemon to fight, no grunts for a twisted Organization, or anything else.

A rock connected with her shoe as she punted it yards away, a sly remark coming from the Zoura on her shoulder, about their shared boredom. Akemi only sighed in response.

Wandering boredom. 310

She hated when there was nothing to do.
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Wandering boredom.
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