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 There's an Arbok in my Pants - Blue and Zoe

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There's an Arbok in my Pants - Blue and Zoe Empty
PostSubject: There's an Arbok in my Pants - Blue and Zoe   There's an Arbok in my Pants - Blue and Zoe I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2016 3:03 pm

There's an Arbok in my Pants - Blue and Zoe 6CZGcUC
There he was, in the stands, watching the girl he had fallen in love with in a blaze of victory as she dominated the competition in this Pokemon Contest. Blue had a front row seat, directly behind Zoe as she and her various feline Pokemon took to the stage and performed, each act like a work of art as the delicate movements ushered in oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

Blue hadn't told Zoe that he was going to show up. In fact, she had no idea he was even in the Region. When she won, he was going to surprise her. From behind her, he was able to perfectly admire her form, as those trousers hung so tightly to her well sculpted rear end. Mesmerized, in an almost hypnotic state, Blue couldn't take his eyes off it. So into the contest, and Zoe's rump, he hardly even noticed as a certain biological function happened in his own lower region.

The crowd began cheering. Zoe had won. Without care, Blue leapt from his seat and jumped onto the stage, rushing up to her.
The announcer called out.

“It looks like a man has come onto the stage, wait, isn't that Champion Blue from the Kanto Region?”

All eyes went to Blue, as did all cameras. Displayed a hundred feet across, was Blue, a certain part of his physiology standing at full attention within his pants for everyone to see.
Not noticing, nor batting an eye, Blue calls out to her.

“Good job!”
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There's an Arbok in my Pants - Blue and Zoe
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